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- at work in S A N G R A H A -

We design with intention and thought. Nowhere is the convergence of those two more apparent than at work, where personal style meets professionalism.

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I take great pride in our rich arts and crafts. Thread, embroidery, and ancient living crafts have always inspired me. They have now organically entered my art practice rather seamlessly. Sangrah embodies this tradition through their belief and atelier, I feel 'myself' when I wear and live with all that Sangraha creates.

In describing my life as an artist, I see myself as a river, playful, gentle, and sometimes aggressive, carving my path as I flow.
And like the river, I too slow down, now, and then. To reflect and soak, decant my ideas and learnings before I flow again. A homemaker, I juggle several roles, constantly recalibrating and recuperating before surrendering myself in my abode of creativity and prayer - my studio.

Manisha Gera Baswani: Artist

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“It's heart-warming to see work everyone at Sangraha does to keep heritage of Chikankari alive. They are creating disruptions that make sure it remains relevant and moves forward. What's most important is the kindness they show to their people proving that you can care for people, product and still make profits.”

Nothing I enjoy more than learning the processes and the crafting of products.

Sujata Assomull:

We spoke with individuals, each of them a master in their field. All of them align style and purpose in a way that makes them incredibly inspiring to us, and we think to you as well.

- Life | Delight | Work -

Destress and declutter from time to time to keep it smooth and fun. Take out time for a restorative cup of coffee, cookies in luxury boxes, and use lounge couches and cushions.

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