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ERAK- एरक
Indian subcontinent especially Indus region has a rich tradition of decorative art that forms part of engravings and stucco work in monasteries, mausoleums. The art is an expression and a dialogue between west and east, a narrative that makes designs of Morris have relevance in India.
'Erak' eulogises the stylised art of potted plants, shrubs with life like birds chirping amongst them. Walls to floors have been a canvas for this artform and Erak looks specifically at designs in carpets and tapestry that connect Indian art to Morris's guild.
Each ensemble tributes to a bouquet of flowers in arrangement and vibrancy seen in nature.

VAIDYA- वैदय by SangrahaSat́ (सत्)
Indian Himalayan region has innumerable aromatic and medicinal herbs that are part of essence of living in harmony with nature..
'Vaidya' explores the forms of these herbs and attempts to make them blossom in outfits and home range.
An attempt of acceptance of what life and nature bestows on us and withdraw from our own imagination of nature.

Each ensemble is naturally dyed, from handmade fabrics from India and chemicals don't touch them in our inhouse processes.
Join us in voyage of sustainability, acceptance and responsibility.