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Colors: A Power to Change

#Color has power to change the world. Every human has a sense of Self, and it needs immense confidence in this Universe is to show your true authentic Self. Hopefully the world will reciprocate with the same. It is most difficult thing to do and needs authenticity, vulnerability and humility to do that. The barriers are many ranging from language, expression, tone of words of we lose the personal connect in this digital world. Stress, fatigue change our expression and at times we are afraid to show real self and are disguised in pretentions.

Is there an easier medium to express oneself without fear, does it exist?

Color is the shortcut and a universal language of #Self-expression. Color has power to #influence, to make a statement. Numerous brands use this power to connect to their audience, to make themselves instantly recognisable. Color has power to make someone legendary by recognition through time. Color is a medium of expression at individual, brand and societal level. At times colors become #symbolic of a culture, time and geographies.


Our Real Stint with Color!

We all have experienced the power of color during pandemic, most of us including children resorted to pale colors, greys, whites and blacks in our outfits. But what we portrayed through digital world, be it artworks, cuisines, DIY everything all had play of colors, an expression of hope. Soon as we moved to post-pandemic world and offices, schools started opening up, colors came back to us and wearing became a celebration.

Is there a science in Color!

Why is color a vital part of our existence, let's look at it scientifically, we are capable of seeing an impressive range of colors with the three types of color receptive cones in our eyes. Our eyes are capable of seeing a wider range of color than a large number of other lifeforms on earth. Our ancestors had developed a very advanced sense of color as it was linked to dietary needs, they had to distinguish, edible to non-edible, fresh to rotten amongst meat, fruits and vegetables.

We’re able to perceive #emotional changes thanks to our eyes’ impressive color perception. We can easily notice a blush or flushed face during conversation. Or even how you might be drawn to someone’s strikingly beautiful eyes. Much of how we relate to each other is heavily influenced and aided by our ability to see in a rich and vibrant range of colors.

Happiness with Colors!

The simple fact is that people are #happier when surrounded by color. We don’t have to fully rely on outside forces to give us the color our minds so desperately need. For example, green exercise has been growing in popularity as more and more people experience its wide range of benefits. Green exercise is basically just any kind of exercise done in colorful natural environments. Even minor changes in the workplace can provide a big benefit as well. Few people would argue against some nice office plants. The same goes with bringing in colors of nature through open windows and colorful artistic expression to name a few.

Now that we know how important color is to a healthy mood, we can take steps to ensure it’s ever present within our lives. We can decorate with color in mind. We can make sure to stretch our legs under a clear sky or even under a canopy of leaves. And most of all, we can just remember to take a moment every now and then to appreciate the beauty around us and that will change our expression and help us discover ourselves.

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