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Chand Miyan

Embroidery Ninja

Let me tell you about Mohd Chand - the embroidery powerhouse! This guy is a true force to be reckoned with. He's diligent, hardworking, and always puts his full devotion into every stitch he makes.

Now, Mohd Chand may not produce the most extraordinary work, but what he lacks in flash he makes up for in sheer endurance. This guy never gives up, and his perseverance has earned him the respect of everyone around him.

It hasn't always been an easy road for Mohd Chand. He's faced his fair share of struggles and hardships, but he's never let them hold him back. Now, he's happily sustaining his family and even putting his child through school.

Sure, Mohd Chand may be a bit of a silent type, but his work speaks volumes. We're lucky to have him on our team, and we know that he'll continue to be a shining example of hard work and determination for years to come!

Chand Miyan
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