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Ranjita Nishad

Thread Evangelist

Hey there, folks! Let me tell you about our amazing team member, Ranjita. She's an embroidery wizard, stitching away at lightning speed and producing flawless designs that leave us all in awe. She's a real superstar when it comes to contributing to her household income and ensuring a secure future for herself and her family.

Now, Ranjita may feel a little underconfident due to her lack of basic education, but let me tell you, her skills are unparalleled. She's got a natural talent for converting even the simplest motif into a lifelike masterpiece that will take your breath away. And let's not forget about her entrepreneurial spirit! She's been selected to undertake design and entrepreneurial education at Kalhath Institute, and we know she's going to absolutely crush it.

Ranjita is a real trailblazer, too. She's the only woman in her family who works a steady 9 to 5 job, and she does it with such grace and enthusiasm that she binds her co-workers together like a tightly knit embroidery piece. We couldn't ask for a better team member!

And now, Ranjita has taken on even more responsibility. She's in charge of handling sampling for all of our brands. That's right, folks, she's the queen of the sample room! We're so proud of her and can't wait to see what amazing things she accomplishes next.

So here's to Ranjita, our embroidery superstar and all-around amazing human being. We're lucky to have her on our team!

Ranjita Nishad
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